Anatec have carried out numerous studies to assess the risk to subsea structures, including cables, pipelines, manifolds, wellheads and other structures. Risks to subsea structures include risks from vessel anchors, including incidents involving dragged anchors or vessels anchoring in an emergency, fishing gear, dropped objects, vessel foundering and vessel grounding. A number of Cable Burial Risk Assessments (CBRAs) have been undertaken in the UK, US and other areas to support recommendations for cable burial, which is required to protect the cable and other marine users from vessel anchoring incidents, fishing gear interaction, dredging and other risks.  

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Risk assessments can also be undertaken to support decommissioning projects to determine the safety risk to fishermen from fishing gear snagging on pipelines or other subsea structures left in situ.

In addition, Anatec have undertaken numerous navigation risk assessments to support consent of subsea cables, including wind farm export cables, power cables (e.g. interconnectors) and telecommunication cables. 

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