Anatec Limited is a leading service provider in risk based decision making. We work in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Oil and Gas;
  • Renewable Energy;
  • Shipping;
  • Ports;
  • Onshore Petrochemical; and
  • Road and Rail.

Our staff have experience of working on projects worldwide. We have a broad client base having worked for a large number of companies and government organisations, including:

In addition to undertaking risk assessment work we have also been involved in the development of a number of software systems. These include:

  • ShipRoutes (GIS Shipping Database);
  • COLLRISK (Collision Risk Modelling Suite);
  • NavManager (GIS Navigational Aid Manager);
  • SAROP (SAR Optimisation Toolkit); and
  • GeoPlot (Georeferencing Toolkit).

Further details on our specific services or the software systems can be obtained by selecting the relevant pages on this site or by contacting us directly.

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