Software Developers


Anatec’s experienced personnel have been developing bespoke software for the shipping and navigation sector for 20 years, including data analysis, live vessel tracking and AIS data manipulation and storage.

On-demand technical support is available with any of our products.


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AIS Tracker

AIS Tracker allows the user to view vessels live on nautical charts and/or customised backgrounds, e.g., to display wells, safety zones, pipelines, wind turbines, etc.

This system also allows the data to be viewed remotely either online, via a secure website, or on a desktop package.

Shore based personnel can view the live AIS data from one or more sites to obtain a comprehensive picture of shipping movements around their assets at any time. 




AIS Analyser

AIS Analyser processes and combines individual position reports and static details (via AIS messages) to create a daily database of vessel tracks.

Data can be filtered on fields such as ship type, navigation status, length, draught, name, destination, etc.

Vessel tracks can be overlaid on charts and colour-coded by a range of AIS properties that can be copied into an Excel spreadsheet.



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