Anatec is a market leader in risk based decision making. We work within the UK and internationally in a variety of sectors including onshore, offshore, marine, shipping and renewables (wind, wave and tide). We provide consultancy services on most aspects of marine, oil and gas, renewables, transportation and onshore safety. The company was established in 2001.

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Anatec's senior personnel each have over 20 years experience of working in marine and offshore safety. Our aim is to provide specialised knowledge in a cost effective manner. Through our experience we are well recognised on a national and international level and we have conducted several national research studies on behalf of various UK government departments. We have also conducted business for most of the world's energy majors.



To ensure we have good coverage of the UK market and efficient response to our clients Anatec has established offices in Aberdeen and Cambridge. These sites also offer good access to major UK airports to allow us to meet our international clients in a cost effective manner.