With our extensive experience in windfarm navigation risk assessment, Anatec can support you through the consent process for your wind farm development.

The development of wind farms is one of the UK's main efforts to move towards renewable energies and reduce greenhouse gases. Recently, The Crown Estate has made areas of the UK territorial waters available for offshore wind farm developments. These tend to consist of large arrays of turbines which have the potential to impact on the surrounding environment.

As part of the process of developing these farms, the lease holders are required to seek the necessary legal consents. One aspect of this is to assess the overall effect of the proposed development on marine activities that already take place in proximity to the site. These may include commercial shipping, recreation, fishing, dredging, etc. This assessment work requires that a windfarm Navigational Risk Assessment (NRA) be carried out and submitted to the government to assist their consideration of the consent application.

In line with the requirements of the consent process and MCA MGN 543 and the BEIS guidance on navigational risk, Anatec has developed a systematic approach for carrying out a windfarm navigation risk assessment. This approach has been applied to a large number of developments around the UK as well as internationally. Further, it has been developed through a process of liaison with a large number of parties including the regulators of the consent process (DfT, BEIS and MCA).

The overall scope of the service we offer includes an evaluation of the change in risk level that is likely to result from the installation of the wind farm. The evaluation considers all types of vessels and activities as required by the regulators. It also encompasses all phases of the proposed development: initial preparation works, construction, operational phase, and decommissioning.

For previous studies in this area, our involvement has included :

  • Maritime Traffic Surveys (Radar and AIS)
  • Provision of Statistical Shipping Data
  • Screening Studies (Baseline)
  • Risk Modelling
  • Consultation and Liaison with Stakeholders
  • Advice on Mitigation Measures
  • Cumulative Impact Assessment
  • TWA and CPA Application Support
  • Expert Witness for Hearings, Public Inquiries and PINS

Please contact us for further details on our services in this field, or for advice on the assessments required to support the consent process for an offshore wind farm development.


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