Anatec has supported many of the wind, wave and tidal renewable energy projects within United Kingdom waters, with the provision of Navigational Risk Assessments (NRAs) that have enabled them to seek consent for their developments.

We have been operating in this field of expertise since 2001 and our principals have been at the forefront of the marine hazard analysis and risk management field for the past 15-20 years.

In line with the requirements of the UK consent process, Anatec has developed a systematic approach for assessing the overall impact of the proposed development, based on risk assessment. This approach has been applied to a large number of developments around the UK as well as internationally. Further, it has been developed through a process of liaison with a large number of stakeholders, including the government regulators.

One aspect of this consenting process is the assessment of the overall effect of the proposed development on the marine activities that already take place in proximity to the site. These may include commercial shipping, yachting, fishing, diving, etc. Through this thorough understanding of the maritime user it is possible to assess potential impacts and hazards.

The overall scope of the service we offer includes an evaluation of the change in risk level that is likely to result from the installation of the renewable energy development. Our assessment includes all types of vessels and activities as specified by the regulators, ensuring a comprehensive Navigational Risk Assessment.

We conduct marine traffic surveys to obtain an accurate and up-to-date picture of the marine traffic operating within a proposed area of development. This process utilises AIS, radar and visual observation.

For previous studies in this area our involvement has included:

  • Site selection sensitivities. 
  • Provision of shipping data (merchant/fishing/recreational).
  • Collision and allision risk modelling, including drifting vessels and marine activities such as fishing.
  • Hazard identification and risk analysis including stakeholder workshops.
  • Assessment, development and implementation of mitigation measures.
  • Consultation with local users through to international bodies.
  • Marine traffic surveys.
  • Cumulative and in-combination assessments.
  • Experience in English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish offshore development and consenting process.
  • Planning Infrastructure assessment processes advice and expertise for examination phases.
  • Expert witness and key personnel for public exhibitions, public inquiries and PINS hearings.

We have worked with a large number of renewable developers, including DONG Energy, EDF, Eneco, E.ON, Forewind, Repsol, SMart Wind, SPR and SSE.

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