Anatec personnel have vast experience in assessing the performance of radar/AIS systems being used by the offshore operators for collision avoidance. This service has developed through the requests of industry when trying to establish the likely pick up ranges for vessels of various sizes and types, and the likely number of target that will be missed in various environmental conditions. The systems we have in place interface directly with a number of radar/AIS systems and also rely on the collection of manual information which tends to be performed by the ERRV or installation through VHF. Customised data acquisition sheets are available.

Anatec have performed these trials for standard marine radar, ARPA REWS and AIS on both the installation and ERRV. In addition to determining the performance profile, these trials are often used as an opportunity to identify how traffic behaves around the installation and ERRV which again is useful information when developing a hazard management strategy. This usually takes the form of undertaking a survey data analysis to define route positions, regular traders, and also to investigate the likely level of VHF response that can be expected.

Performing radar/AIS trials is a particularly important function when selecting new equipment or during system setups, although annual testing can be a useful measure to ensure system performance is consistent.

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