Anatec staff have been working with issues in offshore safety for since 1992 when the UK Offshore Safety Case became a legal requirement. Our staff have worked on a large number of Safety Case related studies for a range of facilities including, FPSO's and other Floating Production Facilities, Drilling rigs, small unmanned platforms and large bridge linked complexes. Our approach is to assist in specialist safety studies to help companies assess risk and make well founded decisions based on:

  • Risk to personnel;
  • Risk to the environment;
  • Risk to the asset;
  • Risk of business interruption.

The types of studies our staff have worked on in relation to offshore safety include:

  • Hazard & Operability Studies (HAZOP);
  • Marine Risk Studies;
  • Collision Risk Assessments and Collision Risk Management;
  • Concept Safety Evaluations;
  • Helicopter Transportation risk;
  • Drilling Rig Risk Assessments;
  • Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Assessments;
  • Quantitative Risk Assessments;
  • Cost Benefit Analysis to demonstrate ALARP;
  • Dropped Object Studies;
  • Temporary Refuge Impairment Assessments;
  • SIL Assessments;
  • Thorough Reviews;
  • Risk Comparison Studies.

If you have a need for a study in relation to an offshore facility or operation, then do not hesitate to contact us.