Advances in technology are providing increased scope for rationalising Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV) operations whilst maintaining/improving the safety of offshore personnel. Anatec personnel have been heavily involved in the field having worked on various ERRV sharing projects undertaken by North Sea Operators.

Within this process the main factors considered are the ability to recover personnel within the water and take them to a place of safety within the given performance criteria. In addition to this the operation of the vessel can be assessed to ensure that safety is not compromised within different weather conditions and that optimal holding positions and operating envelopes are defined for various manning configurations, which is of particular importance when the field being guarded consists of satellites.

It is also essential to ensure that the detection coverage (radar and AIS) provided by the ERRV is sufficient to monitor the shipping in the area to an appropriate level and provide adequate time for guarding the installation(s) and evacuation procedures if required.

Anatec use an objective approach to examine the net effect on safety and cost, identify problem areas and put forward recommendations to remedy any shortcomings. This approach has been developed based on the experience of our personnel through the recent HSE report on new maritime technology.

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