Anatec’s DropRisk software models the risk (frequency and consequence) of dropped objects at offshore oil & gas installations.

The model takes the following parameters into account:

  • Crane locations and specification
  • Supply vessel locations
  • Operating procedures
  • Load types, sizes & shapes
  • Topsides infrastructure
  • Subsea infrastructure (e.g., pipeline and riser positions)
  • Drop elevation
  • Metocean data
  • Water depth

The program is GIS-based and works for both fixed installations and weathervaning FPSOs.

Millions of dropped object events can be simulated at high-speed using Monte Carlo simulation to identify the most exposed locations and the results used to plan appropriate protection. Graphical outputs can be provided in the form of heat maps overlaid on field infrastructure drawings. Results are also tabulated in terms of drop frequency versus impact energy.