Prior to locating an offshore installations on the UKCS, such as a drilling rig, consent to locate is required from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) under the Energy Act.

In considering an application, the Department evaluates the risk and inconvenience to shipping to ensure this is within acceptable levels. The information required by the Department in order to make their judgement on a consent to locate application is summarised below.

  • Evidence of shipping movements in proximity to the proposed location;
  • Likely changes in movements resulting from the installation;
  • The constraints imposed upon local navigation by the installation;
  • The danger of passing vessels colliding with the installation;
  • The increased danger of ships colliding with each other, or having misfortune, as a result of needing to avoid the installation if appropriate, the scope for reducing risk by taking counter measures.

Anatec can provide all of the above information.

The shipping data tends to be extracted from the ShipRoutes database which is also used by the BEIS for compliance checking. Anatec also has a suite of collision risk models that are required to perform this work, and vast experience having worked in close liaison with the BEIS, to facilitate the process in support to our clients.

Anatec staff have worked with the vast majority of Operators in the UK and guided them through the consent to locate process. This includes successful applications in the busiest shipping areas within UK waters such as the Southern North Sea, the Irish Sea and Liverpool Bay.

Consent to Locate is also needed for BEIS to issue a PWA (Pipeline Works Authorisation) consent. This requires a similar level of supporting data as for drilling rigs. The construction operations must be supported by a Vessel Traffic Survey (VTS) and, if the shipping density is high or there are routes in close proximity, a Collision Risk Assessment (CRA), unless they are covered by a related application, e.g. a CtL1 to cover MoDU or crane barge operations.

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