When preparing to undertake an offshore pipeline project, whether selecting a new route or decommissioning a pipeline that has reached the end of its lifespan, there are many potential risks that need to be assessed. This includes hazards such as:

  • Anchoring (dragged and emergency);
  • Dropped objects;
  • Vessel foundering; and
  • Fishing gear interaction.

Anatec’s suite of pipeline risk assessment models can assist operators in choosing the best options for their pipeline project. For new routes it can help decide and/or optimise on the best route for a pipeline, as well as offering advice on the options available to protect it once it has been laid. Results can feed into an MAPD (Major Accident Prevention Document).

If decommissioning a pipeline then Anatec’s bespoke set of models can assist by providing quantitative analysis and comparative assessments of the options available. The pipeline risk assessment can include a complete analysis of the possible risk factors related to the pipeline. Real time shipping survey data can be used to identify vessels routeing and anchoring in the vicinity of the pipeline, and can include details on the types and sizes, of these vessels.

Anatec’s models can calculate the risks associated with dragged anchors and emergency anchoring to provide a risk frequency profile along the pipeline route. Comparative risk reviews can be carried out based on penetration depths in different seabed substrates allowing clients to evaluate different mitigation options (i.e. different burial depths, mattressing, rock dumping etc).

Dropped object scenarios can be analysed to determine the potential for loss of containment (PARLOC) / release of inventory into the environment by studying impact energy distributions and dent depths.

The fishing activity in the vicinity of the pipeline can be analysed to assess fishing-pipeline interaction frequencies. The possible impact energies and pullover forces can be calculated, as well as estimated fatality rates for fishermen.

For managing the risks associated with vessels operating in the vicinity of pipelines, Anatec offer software and hardware solutions to allow clients to monitor and manage these hazards.

Anatec has extensive experience in risk analysis, and has been involved in successful pipeline projects for Shell, BP, and CNR among others. Please get in contact for more information about the services we offer.


Emergency Anchoring Frequency Profile



TracksColour-coded by Speed



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