The Government has made clear that offshore developments, such as wind farms, should be located in appropriate places. The consenting process to achieve this requires stakeholder consultation, experience/knowledge, and the application of reliable data.

BEIS commissioned Anatec Limited to develop, a web-based GIS data portal.

The main objectives of the development were to provide a means of circulating reliable GIS data to aid stakeholder consultation and decision making.

This project commenced in 2007 with the initial year being focused on preparing a GIS website to allow users to view the data online overlaid on nautical charts.

Phase 2 of the development was carried out in 2008. This focused on expanding the data to cover the entire UKCS, updating existing data and improving the data download capability of the site.

Phase 3 involved incorporating further datasets following completion of the Offshore Energy SEA Environmental Report (2009) which was also commissioned by BEIS.

Data is available on the following issues:

  • Ports;
  • Fishing;
  • Recreational;
  • Offshore Renewables Sites;
  • Dredging;
  • IMO Routeing Measures; and
  • Nautical Charts.

Registration to the site and the data it contains was free.

The site provided a portal for interested parties to obtain an understanding of the maritime environment around the UK and enhance the consultation process and decision making within the UK. BEIS supported the development and running of the site from 2005. Funding from Government ceased in August 2010. Anatec kept the site online since that time but due to the underlying data sets becoming dated, we finally closed it down in February 2014.