Anatec has experience, backed up by well-researched software models, to assess the risk to the marine environment from shipping accidents, such as collision, foundering and grounding.

Experience has been gained from work Anatec personnel carried out on the UK MEHRAs (Marine Environmental High Risk Areas) project. This work was prompted by Lord Donaldson’s recommendation in his report Safer Ships, Cleaner Seas (following the Braer tanker accident off the Shetland Islands) that MEHRAs should be established. These are comparatively limited number of areas of high environmental sensitivity which are also at risk from shipping. The work was widely regarded as breaking new ground, in particular, the methodology developed for identifying and ranking MEHRAs was innovative and embodied a high degree of objectivity. Overall, the initiative provided a valuable method of countering the threat to the UK marine environment from shipping.

Our knowledge in this area has been extended in a related project Anatec are carrying out on behalf of MEMAC covering the ROPME states, including UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait.

We have also performed pollution risk studies in various parts of the UK to support the work being carried out for EROCIPS (Emergency Response to coastal Oil Chemical and Inert pollution from Shipping), and in the Western Indian Ocean in support of the Marine Highway Development and Coastal and Marine Contamination Prevention Project.

The work can be carried out independently or in cooperation with experts in the host country.

As a deliverable of the work, a GIS Toolkit can be provided which enables future updates to be carried out by the client to take account of changing environmental sensitivities and/or shipping risks.

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