Anatec’s Hazard Log software is a flexible desktop program that can be used to create and maintain a log of hazards associated with different projects / operations.

It can be used internally within an organisation or externally at meetings involving different groups to record the hazard details, description, causes, control measures and responsibilities.

Hazards can also be ranked semi-quantitatively by frequency and consequence, using the following criteria:

  • People
  • Environment
  • Property
  • Business

Please contact us for further details on our services in this field, or for advice on the assessments required to support the consent process for an offshore wind farm development.

A ‘Risk Score’ is automatically calculated and used to populate the ‘Risk Ranking’ matrix to illustrate whether risks are ALARP (As Low as Reasonably Practicable).

A popular feature of the software is the ability to generate reports quickly and easily using the ‘Generate Report’ and ‘Control Measures Report’ buttons. These produce formatted MS Excel spreadsheets of the hazard logging and ranking exercise which can be kept as standalone records or can be appended to other documentation.