Anatec's COLLRISK models are used for the quantification of marine risk, both in terms of likelihood of an accident and the consequent risk to personnel and/or the marine environmental (e.g., oil spill).

The following models are available within the COLLRISK suite:

  • Powered Ship-to-Structure Collision Risk
  • Drifting Ship-to-Structure Collision Risk
  • Ship-to-Ship Collision Risk
  • Ship-to Shore Grounding Risk (Drifting and Powered)
  • Fire and/or Explosion Risk
  • Foundering Risk
  • Fishing Vessel Collision Risk

The models are calibrated for the area of interest using the most up-to-date historical accident data available, e.g., latest 10 years data for UK waters.

The COLLRISK assessments are mainly performed within a Geographical Information System (GIS), with the relevant shipping and operational data (visibility, wind, wave, tide, etc.) used as inputs to the calculations.

The results from COLLRISK can be analysed and presented either within the GIS or exported to Excel for analysis.





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