Navigational Risk Assessments and Environmental Impact



Anatec has been providing Navigational (Safety) Risk Assessments since 2001 to support offshore consent, licensing and permitting applications and our Principal Risk Analysts have been at the forefront of the marine hazard analysis and risk management field for the past 20-25 years.

Anatec has developed a robust and systematic approach for assessing the overall impact of proposed offshore developments based on the formal safety assessment process. This approach has been used to support applications for developments around the world including all parts of the United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, the United States and Asia. The process has been developed to be compliant with applicable national guidance using Anatec’s in-house expertise, data and modelling but also through a process of liaison with stakeholders, industry professionals and regulators.

The overall scope of the service Anatec offers includes an evaluation of the change in risk level that is likely to result from the installation of a development and includes all types of vessels and activities as specified by the regulatory guidance, ensuring a comprehensive Navigational (Safety) Risk Assessment.

Anatec can undertake all elements of the process from support with site selection and constraints mapping, dedicated marine traffic surveys, mathematical modelling, hazard workshops, cumulative assessments, and risk assessment to support Environmental Impact Assessments.


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